Nicole Chaves

I'm a software engineer based in Sandy, Utah. These views are my own.

I write code for a living, but I'm an artist and a traveler at heart. I recently went back to college to study the things I never opened my mind to before.

This site used to be mainly my thoughts on my work. Now it's my thoughts on life in general. Life itself holds all the meaning and I'm striving to live it and share life and my love for it with others as liberally, generously, and freely, as possible.

I recently moved back to Utah after living in Seattle, Washington working for Google for 5 years. I love Seattle but this new phase of life has brought amazing joy. I work remotely and live in a suburb of Salt Lake City with my beautiful girlfriend Kerstin and our kids. I recently started at the University of Utah, working on getting my first college degree. Outside of work and raising energetic kids, I love making dinners and treats, family movie and show time, or going to the park or pool or out for U-gurt. I also live for any escape time with my partner and best friend — date nights in and out, running, going for drives, quiet nights watching Netflix, or relaxing in the hot tub.

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Random Details

  • This site is hosted on Dreamhost.
  • I do all project coding in IntelliJ IDEA — Java, PHP, HTML, JavaScript — and I highly recommend it. For other stuff, I use Sublime.
  • I am an Apple fangirl
  • This site is hand-designed/-coded with care.

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You can reach me at nicole at
All opinions expressed on this site are my own. They do not represent the views or opinions of any other party.